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"Follow your dreams,
fulfill your heart."

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Vancouver Based Artist

Following a Dream

When I returned from a writing hiatus in Mexico in late 2008, the bottom had fallen out of the markets, there were no retail management positions available and the ones that were, paid about 50% of my previous salary,  so I started working several part time jobs.  Often while working, I would ask myself the same question..."What do you want to be when you grow up?"  It had occurred to me that the "Freedom 55" ideology was rapidly becoming a fleeting option as I was already 50 and trying to figure out what my next reincarnation of myself would look like?  I craved a space where I could be creative and dreamed of having a business and a market for my work that would facilitate my creative energy while allowing me to generate an income.

I had always dreamed of being an artist or a writer.... something in the arts.

"That's It!  I'll be an artist!"  

..... and so it began.

The Emerging Artist

Born Donal Hebner in Huntsville, Ontario in 1961, a fifth generation descendent of the early Muskoka pioneers and Algonquin/Ojibway great grand Mother.  As a child, I spent many hours watching local artists and crafts people working in their homes or work shops. The process of the execution of their vision into becoming a finished product fascinated and intrigued me.  

The photographers, sheet metal workers and quilters alike, all inspired and fueled my creativity.  

During the long walks with my father to the “hunt camp” near Algonquin Park, he taught me to “Always bring more out of the bush, then you take in.”  While playing in the hardwood forests, I would gather discarded shot gun shells, cigarette butts, beer bottles and caps or other objects.  

I would put the waste into the garbage while the broken watch straps, flash light parts or a chrome lid off of a cigarette lighter, my “found treasures”, were stashed away and later assembled into ‘objects of art’.

It was my high school art teachers; Bill Urban and Marci Christ, who first recognized my potential and encouraged me to explore my creative tendencies.  I've never forgotten the time Bill Reynolds, a local sheet metal fabricator, said to me, “You can make or do anything, all you have to do is apply yourself and stay true to your vision.” 

Bill and his wife Velma taught me the importance of filling my life with laughter and creativity.


Today, I  spend my time in my Studio, producing existing product and new images for future product.  Walks in nature, with my dog, are both grounding and inspiring. I am mostly self taught and / or gleaned technique and process as well as inspiration from the artists and designers that I've met over the years.

I have resided in Vancouver, British Columbia, since 1991


Various pieces of my collection may be found at the following Stores:


The Museum of Anthropology, 

Country Beads, 

Little Sisters,

Simon Frazer University Book Store Downtown


The Wickaninnish Gallery,

The Post Card Place, 

The Market Kitchen Store


The End of the Line General Store, 

Mo’s General Store


The Spirit Gallery, 

The Ferry Building Gallery

WHISTLER:  Whistler Kitchen Works


Mavis & Glover Supply


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